What’s your luck and are you down on yours?

Enough has happened to me that I’ve been through the self-indulgent sour-grapes self talk when something I feel suited for doesn’t come my way.
Got reminded of that yesterday on Twitter.
The truth is, none of us knows whether or not the twist in the perceived wrong direction is the wrong direction.
So another disappointment. Sometimes it feels like the disappointment bucket is heavier than the satisfaction bucket. Sometimes it feels like junk gets dumped into my disappointment bucket to the satisfaction of others. And sometimes it’s the other way around. Someone throws me a bone and it’s good.
Even if you have a terrible feeling, it just might be the case that everything is going your way —  according to the song… what’s that from? Oklahoma?
Well, that’s what I tell myself. Have to believe, live openly, heart on my sleeve, grind with the bumps and relish the joys.
And try not to repeat the hard lessons.
Hey, can I be the devil on your shoulder today? Happy Birthday PacMan!