Chillin’ on Oahu’s North Shore

John rides off to join the 2010 Metric Century.

This past Sunday, I was supposed to join John in the Metric Century from Haleiwa to Swanzy Beach  Park, a lovely ride along Oahu’s North Shore in the morning.

The foot injury kept me from joining him, so he didn’t have the experience we originally planned. Off he went with the other riders, leaving me and the girls to get some sea, surf and sun time at Kaiaka Beach Park.

Sea, sun, sand, smiles.

This was the first time I ventured out without my protective boot over my Achilles tendon injury. It was a gorgeous morning and we had the beach to ourselves for nearly two hours before others came thru, walking, walking with dogs, chasing crabs. The girls did some beach combing, body surfing, snorkeling and playing in the sand. Charlotte made a sand mummy. I was surprised to have seen a humpback whale breach on the horizon, in the channel between Oahu and Kauai! That was a treat, very special.

Charlotte shaped a sand mummy.

It took John a little more than 3 hours to do the ride, so by the time he got back, the girls were waterlogged and ready for something to eat. I’m not a huge fan of dessert first, but, I think it was a wise decision. The Aoki’s Shave Ice hit the spot, and sustained the sisterly love between the two girls. I cannot remember the last time I had shave(d) ice; 15 years or so? While we were enjoying the cool treats, a truck went by with a big, black, hairy, dead pig mounted on the back. Freshly killed by the dogs in the cage below? That’s something we never see in Hawaii Kai. It went by too fast for me to get a photo!

Sophie & Charlotte enjoy sweet shave ice with ice cream underneath.

Click here if you want to watch a sweet young lady make my Haleiwa Delight shave ice featuring melon, lychee and guava flavors. It tasted floral, it was so heavenly!

We had lunch at a famous burger destination, and since they forgot the Swiss that was supposed to go on my Ortega Burger, I’ve got nothing to say.


Because Hawaii is our home, we fall into the rut of not enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches that are so accessible to us.  After this day, we promised to do something about that.