At the mercy…

It was like being in a movie.

My boss gave me a ride home a few times this week. We go downstairs together, I wait along the back of our building by one of the garage exits, and she comes from the parking structure at Wal-mart next door.

There she was waiting for the light to turn green in her silver SUV. And there she went, eyes front, passing me by, while I raised my arm to wave, weakly, as she continued to pass me.

Mother of g*d, what should I do?

Lori, one of my colleagues, was exiting the garage and said she would be happy to give me a ride but she wasn’t going right home. I thanked her and said I’d come up with something. I was thinking that maybe I should call my in-laws, tell them I’m going to catch theBus, and that they’d need to hang out with the girls for a little while longer, until I got home.

But I figured my boss would come back, and she did. When she circled back around, she laughingly explained that she sensed something or someone was missing, that she had forgotten something. Thank goodness it was while she was still in town.

I’m certainly at the mercy of friends and colleagues, prevailing upon several of them for their assistance. I’ll never forget how generous people have been with their time and their gas.

Pretty soon I’ll be able to walk again. I haven’t driven since February 5. I hope I still remember how.