Lifetime goal: Weight Watchers at Work

My Weight Watchers at Work gang regroups tomorrow after a too-long hiatus. A couple of guys are in our group. If you know me, and you see me, chances are we will exchange pleasantries. I don’t like to pass someone I know without a smile at the very least.
So I’m all excited about WW and I see one of the guys I think is on the e-mail distribution list and I say, “Hey! You’re in our WW group! Fantastic! See you Wed….”
Crickets in the worst way ever.
“No, I’m not going to WW.”
I am pretty certain that 80 percent of these faux pas occurrences only happen to me. I think they happen to me enough that the rest of you out there get a pass. Even though it should happen to you and you and you, I’ve got you all covered for a long time. Plenty to go around right here with me.
So I send the guy an email and appologize. I told him had he responded with, “So when’s the baby due?” we would have been even. He didn’t. He’s got his filters in place, he’s an upright kinda guy.
“No problem,” said his email.
Let me tell you this about WW: Not everyone who goes looks like they need it, and many members are in maintenance. I enjoy the meetings because it’s a Wednesday lunch date that’s a lot of fun. I get to see people I don’t usually run in to day to day. And, I get to meet others. For a shy person like me, this really works!
This session follows my three months of no exercise and slacking on the points logging, thanks to my injury. But this session is also going to be when I reach goal. And if I reach goal, because I’ve been going for three sessions or more, as long as I maintain my goal within 2 pounds once a month, I achieve lifetime membership status — and that’s FREE! No $$$!
I’ve been eager to get this butt back into the plan! (and other jiggly parts!)