The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Have you seen The Fantastic Mr. Fox? I have seen it about a dozen times since we got it a few weeks ago. We play it on our BluRay and the textures and colors are fabulous!
So is the script. It’s not hard to imagine Mr. Fox as George Clooney or Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox and the other way around. Two beautiful people provide the voices of two beautiful fur-covered moveable clay characters. It’s riveting, it’s a feast for the eyes, down to the ant-farm-like perspective of the tunnels dug by the animals seeking to escape the wrath of three farmers.
You’d think that my intent study of this film might result in a new habit by now. You’d think I’d have a eureka moment that I would apply to my writing, by now.
Well, better late than never right? Redemption is available to all who seek it, right?
Have you seen the movie? Do you know what I’m getting at? Oh cuss!