How else would I get an iPad?

I guess it was more than a month ago when Hawaii television station newscaster Kirk Matthews signed onto Twitter. His station, @KHONnews of Honolulu, recruited followers for @KHON2Kirk and to enter to win an iPad. I did, never expecting to win, and I advised Kirk to follow back. After all, I tweeted, that’s why we call it SOCIAL MEDIA. He did follow back, and we’ve had a few exchanges.

I forgot about it. Two Wednesdays ago, on my way back to my Starbucks because the newbie barrista got my order wrong (I should have tasted it before I left), I noticed a colleague congratulating me on Facebook for having won an iPad. Another colleague  sent me an email, also congratulating me. I spent nearly the entire day at work without hearing from KHON or SuperGeeks, so I was getting a little ambivalent about it.

But I did win one. It’s an itty bitty WIFI model, but we’ve got that remedied by making me a roving HotSpot Mama, via CradlePoint. The girls will love it, according to John.

So far, I’m getting the hang of it. I feel like I’m walking around the house with a piece of Waterford crystal. I’m looking forward to getting a case, which should come any day now. One of my HMSA colleagues took a video of me opening the box when I first brought it to the office. He assured me that it’s the appropriately geeky thing to do. Since I have to work at my geekiness, I embraced the idea. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

It’s been great for Words With Friends, reading news websites, displaying Tweetdeck, and hanging with my friends on FaceBook. I have yet to try to watch a movie from my Netflix account with it, but I plan to. And none of my earphones fit, so I’ll have to take care of that.

Mahalo to SuperGeeks and to KHON2 for this awesome gift. I appreciate having it, and I hope it increases my stock in the social media universe.