Staying loose by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details

Untitled by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details.

I haven’t blogged all week. Maybe that’s the sign of a good vacation?

John let me take the lead today. I let the pain in my Achilles tendon dictate the intensity, or lack thereof, regarding our ride. So it was flats and valleys at a nice, moderate pace. Except for the few creepy drivers who consider their vehicles weapons instead of modes of transportation, the ride was uneventful. We departed our Koko HeadDistrict Park ‘hood and looped back at Elepaio in Kahala for a 20-mile jaunt. Sewer pipe work is going on along Kahala Avenue. Did you know that if you’re coming from Waialae Golf Course, and are driving a fancy vehicle, the STOP sign doesn’t pertain to you? Actually it does. Maybe you should skip the cocktail at the 19th puka?

When I was a baby mom, John would let me head out on the weekends to visit garage sales. I’d look for fun stuff, and managed to turn around some vintage finds on eBay, where many people eager for Hawaiian stuff hung out. After a while you recognize the same people selling the same crap, and the same Econoline Vans and the same people trolling for more crap. Good-bye to all that.

Now that we ride on weekends, here we are again seeing the same junker cars, week after week, trolling East Oahu for even more crap to pack in their cars, garages, and homes. I think many of these people need an intervention. I also think their trolling makes them a hazard to bicyclists. John and I have learned how to soundlessly communicate with those who nearly kill us.

If you check out the map and stats at the Garmin link above, you’ll see we did a respectable 20 miles with an average speed of 17 miles per hour or so. Most of the time John rides behind me. I’m learning that if I work my ass off he won’t chide me or say I’m slacking. So today I figured since we weren’t doing many hills, because there were a few, that I’d push myself. But I kept my right toes down to keep the Achilles tendon from hurting or getting worse.

I must confess I spend half my time walking think it’s going to burst again. That would be every time I step on my right foot. I hope eventually it doesn’t even enter my mind.

Enjoy your weekend. Mahalo for reading!