Sony Open, aka High Concentrations of Male Hormones and Bad Driving in East Oahu at Garmin Connect – Details

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Sony Open, aka high concentrations of male hormones and bad driving in East Oahu
Sat, Jan 15, 2011 9:07 AM Hawaii Time
Activity Type: Road Cycling | Event Type: Training

Motivation comes in many forms.
Today, it was the beautiful couple who passed me on Kalanianaole Highway but couldn’t shake me. Sure you’re perfect, but when you growl “on your left,” I am not going into the gutter so you can go ride side-by-side with your man. In your dreams, girlie.
Have you heard? The Sony Open is going off at Waialae Country Club. I think today we can call it the spot on planet earth where captains of industry in their luxury vehicles start beating their chests while trolling for parking. Bicyclists beware. There’s so much testosterone in East Oahu right now I had to change my route to get back home. No wonder my average moving speed was so fast.
Solo ride today, and I did alright, as my stats indicate.
Lonely Spice.
Day 34 personal fitness challenge.
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