We shoot with cameras.

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We hunt with cameras, we shoot with cameras. Our spoils are photographs of each other. Our spoils are big game, which to our family could be a different sort of thing than what everybody else thinks.

Our big game are ice cream cones, bridges, water towers and the houses I used to live in. It’s a line of toll booths, a cityscape in silhouette, a bowl of meatball and escarole soup in an Italian restaurant, which seems to exist in every New Jersey strip mall.

Why do I gravitate to such places? The food is amazing and the waitress and I make a connection and then we are the family from Hawaii and ‘whataryadoininJerseyareyoucrazy’ questions pop off like paparazzi. They love us and the rapid-fire interrogations result in familial connections and free tiramisu. They cannot get over how someone from Jersey now lives in Hawaii.

Most people, I guess, stay put where they are born and raised. And some of us need to launch. It is so nice to visit, but I could only live in Hawaii, and enjoy our photographic memories.