Why Mondays are OK

I doubt I’m alone in welcoming Mondays. Sure, it’s the day most of us go back to the grind. I even remarked what a pretty day it was shaping up to be while driving in with Carrie at about 6:30. Accept and embrace is my philosophy. Well, for the most part.

Ric and Richard collaborate with food artist Laurie.

Saturday morning I didn’t get to do my usual workout. But that’s OK. I broke a spoke on Thursday and couldn’t get it fixed until Saturday. John did put one of my old wheels on my bicycle, and I could have used it, so it wasn’t a complete disaster. Instead of riding and/or running and/or swimming that morning, I went to photographer Ric Noyle’s house in Kaimuki for a photo shoot with my art director Richard Puetz and food stylist Laurie Chun. This was my first time at a real photo shoot. It is for the Fall 2012 Island Scene magazine and it was a food photo shoot. This was also the first time I got to meet Ric (which surprises me!), his wife Denise, and Laurie. Honestly, it was a fun time. Ric showed me how he manipulated his pics with the digital equipment, talked about the transition from film to digital photography, showed me some things, talked about his experiences, and I absorbed all I could. Laurie had prepared the ingredients ahead of time and arranged them according to our direction, and she didn’t need much guidance. A tweak here, a carrot slice there, a repositioning of a roasted lemon slice here and there ya go.

Laurie gets it right.

I take pictures with my iPhone, and Ric has an iPhone, too, but it isn’t his primary camera equipment. He turned me on to the Snapseed app, which is a bit overwhelming to me. I need to spend an afternoon exploring it.

Ric shot me with my iPhone. Love the glow of a light box!

When we were through, Laurie announced that none of the food was contaminated and that we should all have it for lunch. Denise brought down a luscious salad from her kitchen, and Laurie’s husband joined us in the studio. Not only did I enjoy myself at the photo shoot, I felt as though I had made some new friends. I hope to get to do this again.

The new Sidis. Haven’t broken them in yet.

So on Sunday I had to really work hard at my Try Fitness Hawaii workout. We’re a little less than a month away from the Honolulu Tinman, which is July 29. Yesterday we rode our bicycles to the Aloha gas station by the Waialae Country Club three times. In between that we ran up Diamond Head to the Amelia Earhart monument at the lookout two times. At one point during my ride I dropped my water bottle trying to get it in the cage. That’s when I decided people who only run are useless to those of us who do more. D’OH. A little help? Really? Yo don’t see my bottle rolling right at ya?

This is my view. Watching my girls in the pacific Pacific.

Both Saturday and Sunday included going to the beach with the family. We stayed until the sunset, and that always results in late suppers and an exhausted wife (me). I felt so bad that I sent my husband an appointment for a date. LOL. He accepted. Yay!

This is John. Obviously the horizon is wrong. Gorgeous house behind him is not ours.