Haleiwa Metric Century Packet Pickup

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I’m childless this weekend. It throws me off when the Benderettes aren’t in my midst, vegging at their computers, putting off homework, giggling or bickering at each other. I hope it means I’ll have the motivation to get the house vacuumed, the floors mopped, the sheets and towels washed, refrigerators purged, toilets scrubbed. I long for order.

I like to make myself something to eat when I’m home alone that no one else would appreciate. I found some frozen ono at Costco last week. I think I’ll have that with some shrimp, basil, Italian parsley, lemon, capers, hot chili pepper flakes, pasta. You get the idea. Hmmmm. A DangerousWay run for bubbly restocking?

Waikiki Elementary School was the site for the Haleiwa Metric Century packet pickup.
Waikiki Elementary School was the site for the Haleiwa Metric Century packet pickup.

Since John had the Ford Island Bridge run this morning, I took advantage of my false singlehood by hopping on the bike and riding into town to pick up our packets for the Haleiwa Metric Century ride, which is next Sunday, April 10.
The folks were super friendly and Charlie Texiera, who recognized me without my even having to say who I was informed me that our numbers were #2 & #3! Wow! Now listen. I expected there would be a #1 in front of our numbers,as in #1XX or #1XXX, but I didn’t expect it would be the one and only #1! Kinda cool, dontcha think?
As we all know it doesn’t mean we’re the fastest riders on the road. Rather, I’m the second fastest person online to sign up for the ride. And since I paid for them, I’m #2 and John is #3.

Charlie is a sweetheart. I connected with him on a couple of rides with the Red Hot Ladies. I love those RHLs, but I like to move really fast and I like riding alone or with John more than I like riding with people. They are so nice. They stop for lunch at cool places and then resume their rides. They’ll be at the metric century. Not only will they be riding, but they’ll also be helping out behind the scenes. That’s just their way.

Various jerseys were for sale at the packet pickup.
Various jerseys were for sale at the packet pickup. But who in Hawaii would want to buy this one that says Canada on it?

So after I got our numbers, I headed back toward Hawaii Kai. The climb up Diamond Head from the Kapiolani Park side was surprisingly easy. I think the hill training is working! I didn’t stop at Diamond Head to take my usual photos because I had good momentum and just wanted to go, go, go!

Last week I noticed on Kahala Avenue an old dude walking precariously among some dirt piles on a bull-dozed property. He was holding a bright blue Halekulani Hotel umbrella. I could see his frosty head of curls, unmistakeably that of billionaire Gensiro Kawamoto. I regretted not taking his photograph, but it was my old iPhone and I talked myself into believing the shot would suck anyway. But this morning, as I was returning from packet pickup, I saw the big SUV parked half off the road and the tell-tale umbrella bobbing up and down.

Billionaire Gensiro Kawamoto at one of his Kahala Avenue properties.
Billionaire Gensiro Kawamoto at one of his Kahala Avenue properties.

Kawamoto is very fussy about landscaping, apparently. For this particular lot, which looks like it could accommodate a giant estate or even a generous hotel, he seems to be very particular about the bougainvillea and the proper placement of palms. I stopped my bike, opened up the bento, pulled out my NEW iPhone4 and took a few pictures. He didn’t notice me, but the woman who is often with him did. I packed it up and got moving before she could say anything. But as a former newspaper reporter I happen to know that if you’re in a public place, you’re game. And doubly so if you’re a public figure. And triply so if you’re an eccentric billionaire!

No hills today, but it’s no big deal. Maybe tomorrow. Since there’s no one for me to ride herd on, I guess I can get to bed early and rise with the sun to take on the hills. It would be great to get in a 50-mile ride tmrw. C’ya out there?

Love, me.