Whole Hearted, Half Assed.

I wish I had a tech T-shirt that said “I’d Rather be Riding my Road Bike,” that I could wear while running. That way everyone who saw me running wouldn’t think I was putting in a half-assed effort but that I just might be better at riding a bike. Running is torture. I endure it because I’m training for December’s Honolulu Marathon. My knees are crumbling and I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I run because it is supposed to help strengthen my bones and burn calories, but then it also causes some other problems. I think I’m due to go back and get fluid taken out of my right knee again. At the same time I get a cortisone shot. I absolutely love what this does for me. And I am so not a wuss when it comes to getting shots. Bring it on. Fix me up.

Today’s running stats: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/233518203.

Yesterday’s riding stats: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/233032282.

The majority of us who work

Right before the Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon last month. Just an ordinary gal who works out.

out are pretty ordinary. Battling the bulge because we like beer and brats, we never quite achieve awe-inspiring status at work or in a road race. We jump on the hamster wheel because we gladly suffer hand-to-mouth syndrome. It keeps us evenly poised on the precipice between awesomely fit and borderline pudgy (more or less). We know it’s the right thing to do.

It also gives us a lot of time to think. While we’re alert to our surroundings of traffic and other athletes of varying degrees, we can get lost in the maze of thoughts that occur in the slide show in our mind while we work out. Today I thought about how I might look out there and how some people might think what a meaty beefy big and bouncy slow poke I am. But then I thought until they know how hard it is for me, how 85 percent of the steps I’m slowly running sends shooting pains throughout my body, they might back off on their judging me.

I also think that being out there makes us less judgmental of others. When I see a fat chick on a bike and the saddle disappears under her generous butt, I think to myself how good it is for her to be out there. When I see a couple of heavy set ladies walking side by side in Honolulu Marathon Clinic tank tops, week after week, I think to myself how committed they are to each other and their goals. When I see my faster friends as they lithely go by and say hi, I think how sweet it is that they can be so encouraging. I don’t see how they could know how hard it hurts me, but, they have their own personal challenges.

While I was training for the Honolulu Tinman Triathlon, one of the things a coach impressed upon me was that everyone you see competing is putting themselves through a lot of hurt. So when you are out there hurting, you’re working on making yourself better. There isn’t much left on my 2012 schedule, but I like how I and my still-soft and creamy center is doing. Especially once I’m through and there’s a couple of ice packs hugging my achy joints.