Microchip Your Beasts, Update Your Info

Mr. Cuddles with Kid2.

I feel like I let down a piece of the universe.

Someone’s cat showed up at our home, helped himself to some cat food, and earned the nickname Mr. Cuddles. He loved us, he especially loved Kid2, but our two other cats were terrified of this big, fluffy beast. Was he Maine Coon? Was he just really big with beautiful fur?

He’s at the Hawaiian Humane Society. My friend, who is a veterinarian there, assisted us by researching his microchip, which he got in 2004. They called the telephone number, but it was outdated. They sent a letter to the last known address, but there was no response.

Handsome and polite.

I’m pretty upset about it. I really wish we could have kept him. We are responsible cat owners. When they were kittens born in our garage and abandoned by their mother, we took our cats in, had them spayed, neutered, and microchipped. We were OK with it. If the universe delivered these kits to us, we’ll look out for them. Unfortunately, looking out for them means having to take Mr. Cuddles to HHS.

How will he do in the cat house there? Will he be a stand out? Will someone spot him and realize what a prize he is? I’m going to ask the universe to see what it can do.

I’m pretty upset with whoever was Mr. Cuddle’s owner. They did him wrong and owe him a big apology. WTPho? How could they?

Gosh darn it.