Let Love Rule.


A little office love this morning! Sweet!

What is this crazy little thing called love? Why does it get so much emphasis on one day a year, when there are 364 other days and at least that many more ways to show how you feel?

I remember my first Valentine’s Day with John, and we still have the photos. It was one of those singles-who-realize-the-inevitable sort of day for us. I still feel the price of roses is ridiculously jacked for the holiday and I find that so unfair. Many single men this week will have to decide between a dozen roses or a tank of gas.

I guess I’ve always been practical. I like dinner and a movie at home. Of course I love Godiva chocolates! Of course I love champagne! Displays of affection are lovely, but the gal with the most flowers on her desk isn’t exactly the luckiest one at the office. It’s like the little guy who overcompensates with a monster truck. He’s missing out on quality when he emphasizes quantity.

We should do this while we're still fresh!

I do like to take advantage of Valentine’s Day to tell my single friends who are in relationships to make a serious assessment. You mean to tell me you’re waiting for someone better to come along? Don’t you love to endlessly gaze at this person? What are  you holding out for? Is there a better moment, a better moment than NOW, to say, “I love you. Will you marry me?” The truth is, there is no better moment than this one right now.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Speak. Make it happen. When you step off the ledge of singleness, when you take that leap of faith into a real commitment, you will realize something truly amazing. Together the fibers of your thoughts, your emotions, your words, your love, bind so incredibly that it will leave you going “WOW,” every time you catch a glimpse of this person, at home or in the wild.

Bring it up. Make it happen. Marriage is loaded with bumps and tests and challenges. And marriages do sometimes end, messily or amicably.

When I was little I would fight against the voice within me that said, “What if I fail?” I didn’t always win, but after a while I realized that life would pass me by if I didn’t try. Especially when it came to love. It is the biggest risk of all, but it provides the biggest reward.

Without love, why walk on this Earth?