iPhone takes the plunge

When an iPhone falls into the toilet, THAT’s an FML moment. It happened to me this morning. I had taken too long packing lunch and breakfast, and running around here and there as quietly as I could when it happened. At that moment I also realized that I was going to miss my bus. FML two.

I retrieved it and it buzzed and complained and eventually went dead. John says it might revive itself once it dries out, so I hope so. The timing isn’t that great. It’s an old 3GS and I was holding out for the January unicorn when Verizon, our cellular carrier for many years, starts marketing its own iPhone. That is an absolute. I stand by that statement hard and fast.

For a reason I have yet to determine, I took my iPad out of my bag last night. Now I’m thinking that I’ll be using that until January instead of replacing the iPhone.  Tactical pants with pockets to accommodate an iPad would be frightening, so I won’t inflict that on the world.

On the plus side, I caught the express bus with my favorite driver, Walter, and all my old friends who wanted to talk story all the way into Downtown Honolulu. I had to wait for the #1 in front of Long’s to get to work, so I had another talk with an old friend there.

There are always highlights in a day that starts with FML moments, but I could use some help adding some volume to the plus column.

I’ll let you all know if we resurrect the iPhone.