I’m a Weight Watchers fan and customer, and one of these months I’ll earn life-time status. Today as part of its Lose-A-Palooza Lose For Good event, we take the focus off ourselves, off our extra servings of worthless desserts and replace it with an outward pouring of concern for the children and people who go hungry each day. We make an effort for those who can only afford an economical and fat-laden fast-food meal. We make an effort for those whose children drink soda and eat junk snacks instead of cheese and crackers with apple slices.

One of the most amazing feelings anyone can experience results from simple acts of kindess, public or private. For some of us, making a donation is an easy and freeing act. Most of us don’t realize what a relief it is for a family to get a few bags of groceries, fresh and clean clothing, entrance into a drug rehab program, job training, a pair of slippers for each of their children.

In Hawaii there are families who live under blue tarps on beaches. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are sanitation and security issues. There are substance abuse issues. There are children falling between the cracks. There are gaps in health care. There are gaps in families.

For one day Weight Watchers asks its members to Lose for Good.  The fine print can be found here.