Century training 9/11 by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details

Century training 9/11 by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details.

Energy levels low, insufficient rest, but Coach John cracked the whip and off we went at about 730 this morning. It should have been earlier, but, we slept in till 630 or so. We hit the hills first. I just like getting those bad boys out of the way while I’m relatively fresh. I also like hearing John tell me those aren’t hills. I also like telling him to shut up, IN MY MIND, LOL, because when he is usually telling me this I’m heaving and gasping and shaking from exertion. He’s taking advantage of my vulnerabilities. Anyway. I shifted onto the small ring, so the struggle up Kamiloiki Hill was lessened somewhat, and I didn’t have to detour onto the side street. On our way to Makapu’u, along Kalanianaole Highway between the Hawaii Kai Golf Course and the Alan Davis shoreline, we saw a cache of silver and gold Christmas balls, some broken, a few whole, sparkling up both sides of the road. Must have been a garage sale find or moving day for someone. Holiday cheer blown off the back of a truck.

Lots of bicyclists out today. I think I saw some Red Hot Ladies. I’m sure there are plenty like us, training for the Honolulu Century, which is in two weeks on September 26. You know what would be super awesome? If the giant orange metal signs IN THE BIKE LANE along the Century route, specifically on Kalanianaole Highway, were moved off the center of the bicycle paths. It’s absolute HELL to have to weave out into the vehicles’ lane because the drivers are so aggressive and don’t want to share the road. I am always grateful to get to dip into Niu or Aina Haina valleys.

Lots of joggers and walkers, too. A few runners. Diamond Head was really congested! Did everyone eat like crazy this week and was trying to make up for it? I even passed a moped on Diamond Head Road!

Not much distance today, I’ll see what I can do tomorrow while John does his Honolulu Marathon Clinic session. Here’s a pic of me after the ride. I’m always happy AFTER a ride because I’m still alive, I’ve burned some calories, and I get to take it easy!