Bye-bye, January, and good riddance!

Despite the fresh new year, its first month knocked me around a lot and I’m glad to shelve it. This morning a friend on Facebook posted a link to a speech Steven Jobs gave in 2005.

Now talk about getting kicked around. Steven Jobs tells three stories in his speech about how failures germinated future successes. How it’s very hard to see when we’re being dumped on that the event will set into motion actions, possibly years into the future, that result in realizing a dream that one never expected to come true.  

Yesterday I tripped. I now know why. I wore fat pants and they caught on my shoe and I went down. I’m lucky I didn’t break anything what with the osteoporosis going on inside my bones. How dumb. I didn’t have to wear fat pants. I think I was feeling sorry for myself and did the “I might as well wear these because I look gross anyway” deprecating pep talk. But the week and the month were beating me down and I decided to surrender to it. Next time I do that, someone bitch slap me.

So why do I feel better today? I didn’t work out, I slept in. I rode TheBus like I always do, with the colorful and fragrant parade of humankind. But when I went up to wish my driver Dale a good weekend, I couldn’t believe the gorgeous moon beyond the windshield, Beretania Street, the Waianae mountain range… A reassuring orange orb of optimism.

Be a vessel of optimism. Let’s love everything we do from now on.

Author: lavagal

Hawaii Kai wife and mom. Melanoma Stage 3a Cancer is my new opponent. Writer, super sub teacher, triathlete, awesome cook, ocean girl with head-to-toe sun protection.

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