There Was Always a Backdoor.


It wasn’t that the Susan G. Komen Foundation had caved, but that it had reinvented itself. This time I’m not so sure we’re going to see a public apology in response to the outcry on social media and chronicled by traditional media and on blogs such as this. This is what they want to be. So let them be that.

SGK knew what it was doing when it appointed former Georgia GOP gubernatorial pro-life candidate Karen Handel (backed by Sarah Palin) as its vice president for public policy. What an interesting tack, to sweepingly decide that funds will not be granted to those organizations being investigated by the feds for financial improprieties. For an organization such as Planned Parenthood, that’s de rigueur, it’s part of the daily landscape, it’s routine.

When people think Planned Parenthood, they think abortion clinic. It is true that abortion services are provided. But they also provide breast cancer screening and related services to women in economically challenged areas. In fact, according to Planned Parenthood, the SGK funds were only used for that purpose.

But wedge in that kernel of doubt and what do you get?

I see this as the Republican’s party strategy to diminish reproductive rights for women. The funding for breast cancer screening is the unfortunate loss as a result. C’est la vie, and tough luck for poor women in the United States. I wonder if there is a pro-life factory worker behind yesterday’s recall of defective birth control pills? Wouldn’t that be crazy?

From today’s New York Times:

Dawn Laguens, an executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said that Komen’s money had over the years underwritten breast cancer screenings for 170,000 women, some of whose lives were saved as a result. She said she had no sympathy for Komen’s attempt to mollify donors by ending its relationship with a controversial provider of women’s health services. Only a small percentage of Planned Parenthood’s expenditures go toward abortion services.

In my early years I lived in a poor neighborhood, but my parents paid the tuition to send us to Catholic school, including a regional high school that served students from all over the county. You can bet there were rich kids and poor kids at that school. High school is high school. Cliques, nerds, jocks, performers, and loners like me on the outskirts of this group or that. I made friends, but I floated from group to group. My relationships with many of these people have solidified more on Facebook. In fact, some have decided not to be my friend because I’m still that liberal hippy chick they knew in the ’70s. C’est la vie.

We knew then and we know now and we’ve known forever that premarital sex crosses economic barriers. Married people have affairs. Goodness gracious, even clergy are known to copulate. Services offered by Planned Parenthood aren’t limited to women who live in economically depressed areas. When it comes to inconvenient pregnancy, the doors of Planned Parenthood are open to all. There is no questionnaire that asks about their politics. This decision isn’t going to just hurt inner city poor women. No way. Come on. Back-door abortions for the well heeled? Take that to the polls.