A Kitty Gets Another Life

Last night a friend of mine tagged me in a photo on Facebook. I was making dinner so the alert came on my iPhone which was at my side as I prepped chicken with spuds and vegetables. I was having a glass of wine and I was so happy to be finally cooking this week. I don’t think I cooked since Monday.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I thought it might be spammy. I thought, “Why is Caroline tagging me in a photo on FB?” Caroline and I have known each other for quite some time. I think we met when I was a reporter at PBN, which was during the mid 1990s. THAT long ago! We would run into each other, especially when I was attempting a PR career in Downtown Honolulu, and at other places. She’s someone I always like to see, but the Venn diagram of our lives doesn’t mesh that often.

But now she’s practically family!!!

Ian, aka, Gus, aka Mr. Cuddles.

Caroline tagged me in a photo of the cat who had stolen my heart, but with whom I had to break up with, a few weeks ago. We called him Gus, and we called him Mr. Cuddles, but one of my other friends, Aleisha, who is a veterinarian at the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS), got her crew sleuthing, researched his chip and determined he was dubbed Ian in 2004. We kept Ian at home for about a month, but our other cats, Comet and his sister Kitty Girl, would have none of it. We had to do something or the disruption would be irreparable. I was at work when John called me to say he and the girls were taking him to HHS. I cried a little in my cube, but I had to keep it to myself.

Later that evening, when John got home from work, I told him that if he doesn’t get adopted and was destined for the oven, that we had to go back and get him and make him our indoor cat while Comet and Kitty Girl were forever-in-our-garage cats. Those two are free-range kitties, anyway. They just wouldn’t get to eat inside, which is all they pretty much do.

Kid2 and Ian had a connection.


As much as I secretly wanted to go and get him and tell John it was the only option, I resisted. And Aleisha reassured me.

“Just so you know how we work, there isn’t usually an 11th hour for our animals in adoptions. Once we make them available for adoption they are there as long as it takes, she wrote me in a message on FB. “The only hindrance to that is sometimes they become ill or show some aggression and that may change things but barring any complications they are there until they get adopted.”

So what do you think of THAT? My faith in HHS has been restored. Let me implore those of  you who have pets to get them microchipped, and when you move or change your phone number, update HHS with your new information so  you can be reunited with your lost family member. It is the RIGHT thing to do!

Back to Caroline and Ian. On HHS’s Facebook page, they posted a photo of Ian and it got 78 LIKES! Well, of course it did! My heart sank seeing him in that collar, looking off screen.   Would he be alright?

I blogged about him here and here, and I also shared about him a few times on Facebook. Then when Aleisha told me they were moving him out to the Hawaii Kai Petco for their adoption program, I was hopeful. However, I was also dreading it a little. John and I agreed not to tell the girls he was there. Last night, after news of his adoption made us rejoice, I told the girls he had been right in our ‘hood all week. I didn’t tell them, but I also didn’t say don’t go into Petco. It was one of their stops when they go to Koko Marina for sushi or Jamba Juice. Kid1 gave me a hard time. But I told her, if you were to see him in that cage, you would have cried.

I’d like to think that my writing compels people to action. At work, I write about using the right codes when filing claims insurance documents. On my blog, I try to inspire people to live healthy, cook interesting meals, and contemplate the current events in our universe. And when I wrote about Ian, I really wanted to inspire someone to consider taking in an 8-year-old gentleman cat who was perfect in so many ways.

Ian’s story has a happy ending. When she posted his photo on FB Caroline wrote, “It’s been over a year since we said goodbye to our sweet Cat. Today we welcomed the newest member of our family…Ian, an 8-year-old grey and white tabby who was looking for a home. Paula, the minute that you posted his photo, we just had to have him. He will be loved!”

I look forward to seeing photos of a happy Ian with his new family and his new kid brother, Caroline’s son. It will be the best thing ever! Here’s to Ian’s happy ending, now that he’s shy a couple of those nine lives.

We love you, Mr. Cuddles!