RIP, Ryan Suenaga

Recent hits on my blog indicate that many people are reflecting on the death of Ryan Suenaga, who died in a fall last Easter while hiking Olomana on Oahu’s windward side. I’ve never reblogged an entry before, but I feel this one definitely deserves another go.
DUDE. We so miss you.


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Ryan M. Suenaga

Ryan M. Suenaga

@rsuenaga Kaiser Permanente Medical (US)
Hawai’i’s best known Apple II Geek and social worker

I’ve often pondered our Twitter community, and those I get to meet in real life (IRL) in Honolulu, aka, Twitterlulu. With any given lot of people there will be joy and sadness. There has been divorce. There have been accidents. There have been job losses. People leave Hawaii for other places in the world. And now we have a death.

I met Ryan Suenaga through Hawaii Threads probably about six or seven years ago. The way it often goes for me, I’m a virtual friend with a lot of people before we actually meet, if we ever do. But I met Ryan, and my family grew to know and love him. Most of our relationship was online. We often compared workout notes. He knew my sister-in-law Cathy, who is…

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