Work, play, motherhood. Making it all count.

At work I sit in a little cube lane of writers, and I’m probably the noisiest one here. I could sit here quietly, writing, editing, researching, but I’m a bit noisy as I dive into the Twitter and Facebook pools for a little social media flexing. I’ll promote health care stories and developments, but I’ll also give a shout out to the Phillies or the Eagles, or upload a photo of lunch or weather. It’s part of the balancing act of work and fun and assuring my friends that I am the personification of my employer. We’re fun, we’re human, we crack jokes and eat too much. We also like to exercise, ride our bikes in the wild, wax up our boards and climb volcanoes. In my opinion, it’s a good life when the line is a little blurred when it meets between work and play.

A few days ago in our work mailboxes we found our employer’s winter 2011 issue of Island Scene magazine, with a gorgeous photo of maki sushi rolls on the cover. We had also gotten it delivered to our home on Friday, and I put it in front of the girls, who read it cover to cover, and spent time with mom’s story. Would you like to read it?

With Loss Comes Life

I’m a great fan of motherhood, pregnancy, fetal kicks, nursing babies, and gazing into their eyes and wondering what the future holds. Is there a way to emphasize how amazing it is to get a sperm and an egg to engage, to lock and load the ladders of DNA as they weave a life so precious? I wish there were. I take a stab at it here. It’s what miscarriage has taught me.

Go! Have babies! Be amazed at your ability to love!