Run Like A Mother

Over the last couple of days, a lot of searches to indicate folks are looking for Run Like A Mother, the blog by Hawaii’s Blonde Bombshell Super Triathlete Duo Rachel Ross and Katherine Nichols. It’s OK. I’d call them that to their faces, but I usually encounter them as they go speeding by so all they probably ever hear me say is Hiiiiiiiiii………..

RR and KN have returned to Oahu from the Chicago Marathon. RR’s entry has been posted. So, if you’re looking for the blog Run Like a Mother, it has a new URL:

For those of you in the know, twofiftynine is just shy of three hours. That might be lost on some.

I like reading their entries because their perspectives as mom athletes are similar to mine. Their experiences and their thoughts often mirror my own. Their results are more impressive. There is a common strand, however, to be the best we can be amid nagging insecurities about who we are. We’re women, after all, with family, jobs, men, meal times, deadlines, science, and laundry.