And the Beat Goes on.

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Who knew a year ago I’d ever dance again, but I did today. Must be something about being from an era that generated the best music ever. Why do I say that? My teenage nephew just got his letter of acceptance to Northwestern where he will pursue a major in jazz studies in the music school, and he’s looking at doubling up with music technology or computer science. This is the kid who resisted but still took piano lessons, learned the drums, learned guitar and base, and learned the cello. he also wore Jimi Hendrix or The Who t-shirts all the time.

What’s an auntie to do? At first I used to wonder why such kids don’t get their own musical heroes. But then I realized that my musical heroes are worthy of timeless adoration.

And the beat goes on.

By the way, I was 10 in 1968. So while the babysitter hung her thumb out to get to Woodstock, I got flowers painted on my face and sent to bed early until dreams came true. They did. Oh yes they did.