Wrap your head around this

Ever get in a situation or a conversation where you cannot comprehend the other person’s point of view?
Years ago when I was in journalism school, we had to debate about Clarence Thomas prior to his being appointed and approved to be on the Supreme Court. When it was time for me to oppose my own argument, I couldn’t. That was an eye opener. It was a very important exercise for me as a newspaper reporter to seek out all opinions, all perspectives, when it came to writing a story — and then to step out of it and report without prejudice.
It is interesting to me that a news outlet such as FOX, which refers to itself as fair and balanced, has such a huge following. Interesting because it produces a POV that provides meaning and value to their viewers who take comfort in hearing that what they are being served is fair and balanced.
It is also interesting to me that I’m considered a smug liberal hippy chick because I don’t embrace the FOX culture. You see, because I understand the FOX culture, I cannot embrace it. But I can appreciate it, I can observe it, and I can be prepared for the next debate.