Facebook: Unable to Update Status, RESOLVED!


Update about Queen's Medical Center doing transplants.

Please note that my employer did not purposely block us from using Facebook. It was a technical hiccup that has since been resolved.

For nearly a week it had been impossible to update one’s Facebook status from on board the Mothership. There are always work arounds, and many of us had our smart phones, but when it came to sharing, updating, checking messages, accepting friend requests, or closing ranks with the ubiquitous LIKE, we couldn’t. All we could do was see it.

When I first realized it, I broke out in a cold sweat. Or maybe it was a hot flash. I thought the powers that be were on to me. I freaked. Mentally I built my case about how I make deadlines, I follow instructions on edits, and I complete tasks before diving into the social media pool. As a social media ambassador for several causes, I like to promote my organization’s programs, I like to share links of stories and studies relevant to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I like and share the messages my colleagues put out there as well.

I was too timid about it when I didn’t need to be. My director today told me that I should have told the help desk right away. Instead I worried about how it would look if I were to demand full access to Facebook. Yes, I know you’re all surprised to learn that I could be timid, intimidated, and nervous about bringing something like this up. When she told me that I thought to myself that I need to be the strong and powerful person they hired, the person who can hammer a message when required, a person who looks at the big picture and has empathy for those up and down the chain of command.

Many of us didn’t have to share the universal “Oh-sh^t moment.”

It was quietly fixed a few hours ago. Yay.