New motivation: Shake that thang!

Known for sending to Twitter my morning workout sessions, my Weight Watcher Weigh-In Wednesdays reports and the occasional confessional regarding eating bad stuff, I have made quite a few friends on Twitter among those serious about their battles of the bulge.

Motivated to inspire, I feed off the responses I get to my tweets regarding my workouts and the photos of my healthy food choices and creations. My early morning workouts impress many, but honestly the reason I work out when I do is because my husband works evenings and I cannot leave the house for a couple of hours leaving my 7- and 9-year-old girls on their own. So 330am wake-up times and 4am workouts it is. That’s my life.

Last week two motivated and very cool chicks on Twitter as @FabFatties and here on WordPress called a fatabulous throw down for those of us who want to shake our thangs out of the doldrums.   Continue reading “New motivation: Shake that thang!”