Working on my flexibility.

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I am that jack that keeps spinning, the dropped coin we are waiting to fall on its head or tail, the cat that fell off the roof, miraculously spinning to land on its feet. Because I do. Don’t I always?

Although I see myself as someone who is socially flexible when it comes to beliefs and mores, I am not so flexible when it comes to my personal life and my family. This is cause for some dramatic dialog at home between me and my family. I’m stubborn, I hate to lose, and it’s really difficult to relent that another way would work out just as well. Unfortunately, or fortunately, “BECAUSE I’M THE MOM” doesn’t carry the weight it might with other women.

For example? Nah. We don’t need to go there.

Oh, my! Something I’m really excited about! I went to masters swimming last night, worried about not being able to keep up with the rest of the kids. I did a 500-meter warm up before joining them, and then we did all kinds of lengths practicing strokes and, in my case, with some time on the kick board to give my arms a rest. The arm movement of putting the left one in at 11 o’clock and the right one in at 1 o’clock is getting easier. What’s really amazing to me is that for the first time in my swimming life, which is 48 years, I’ve been able to reprogram myself to breathe every three strokes, meaning ON BOTH SIDES! I’ve always been a right-side breather. Now I am quite comfortable with the pace of stroke-stroke-stroke-breathe, stroke-stroke-stroke-breathe. It’s freeing! You CAN teach an old girl a few new tricks! Maybe I’m not so inflexible after all!

I gotta say, though, that getting into a swim suit and out the door in the early evening with the girls takes a huge mental pushup for me. The pool was a little cool to get into last night. Workouts are generally hard for me to get started. It’s no picnic going to 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai at the butt-crack of dawn. When I get ready to ride my bicycle, the preparations are time consuming. You can’t just hop on your bike anymore without inspecting it, popping in the water bottle, putting your melon in a helmet, wearing sunscreen, gloves, all that stuff! Same with going to the pool. But once I start swimming, I’m one with the fluid, sliding through the pool with my thoughts and bubbles and a rhythm that serves as a mind mantra displacing everything that’s wrong in my world. Working on my flexibility.