Bike ride plus run today!

Dragon boat watches the sun rise between Koko Crater and Koko Head this morning.


Ooops. Jumped the gun there!

I took John to the Great Aloha Run (#GAR) start at about 6 this morning and then headed to Kapahulu Starbucks to fuel my morning ride. I parked at Triangle Park, unloaded the bicycle from the van and headed home. I didn’t get to that coffee. The banana waited, too.

The ride felt pretty good, but it was into the wind the whole time. I didn’t pass any other cyclists, and I don’t recall seeing any runners, either. I paused at Maunalua Bay to take pix of the dragon boat. Pretty cool. Check ’em out.

The dragon boat in the daylight.

I got home, fully intending to head back out on the bike after a pit stop. However, I thought to myself, “What if? What if I ran back to get the van?” Time was getting short, so I hurried to get my running gear on. I put the bike away, uploaded the Garmin 500, and left with the Garmin 110 on my wrist. I started running at the Hawaii Kai Library and worked my way west. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. In fact, I really make an effort to not knock myself out because I don’t want to die before I get to my destination. I need to save my energy to get to the van. There was no other choice, right? So my pace is rather conservative, and I’ll own that.

The ride stats. 

The run stats. 

The run isn’t as long as the ride because while on my bicycle I turn into Portlock and then I go a little longer in my own neighborhood before I get home.

We’ll need to ice the cupcakes. Maybe we should ice my knees.