A few Na Wahine Pics and Others Taken by @AlohaJohn

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Many of you who know my husband John are aware that he’s been toting cameras around with him since he was a kid. He got to take all kinds of pictures back in the olden days when he’d get to develop the film he shot of high school classmates such as cheerleaders and beauty queens. We Benderettes are used to his shutterbug tendencies, which have grown considerably thanks to digital photography.

Here are some pics from the Na Wahine, and then some.

After the 9/11 concert at Niu Valley Middle School later that afternoon. See how hard it is to shoot a photo of the chief photographer? There he is with MiniHim, Kid1, with her viola.
Linda Murai, Margie Davis, me, and Patty before the Na Wahine. I believe they all did the full triathlon. How great is that?
Nervous #325.
Na Wahine swimmers starting. Can you spot me?
Arriving at the finish on my bicycle. Presence of mind to smile and shaka.
Walking down from the Kapiolani Bandstand with my first-place ribbon. Na Wahine Festival founder KC Carlberg is on stage in the green T-shirt. That gal is all about the love.
I'm putting on my swim cap as we women watch the men launch in the Duke's Waikiki Ocean-Mile Swim in August.
The furson Comet blends in with our rocks.
The girls like to tear up the straw papers at Starbucks and make designs. This was at the Moorestown, N.J. Starbucks when we were on vacation in June.
A preying mantis in the Fit's wheel well, in our driveway. Bad Kitty Girl ate it later.