The importance of adjectives.

This blog entry gets a lot of hits. It’s a great read as we set our goals for 2013. What are yours? How do you expect to feel upon achievement? Luv, Me.


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When I was a cub reporter, a newbie, ambitious and eager to be the next greatest feature writer (as is every squeaky-clean new journalism graduate), I’d suffer alongside the city editor as they went over my story, dissecting it sentence by sentence, until it no longer was my story but theirs. First they’d suck out the adjectives. Then subjects were placed before verbs. Nothing dangled. Just the facts. It was so irritating. I didn’t feel trusted. It’s the sort of exercise that can snuff a kid’s ambitions and it keeps a newsroom lean and mean.

After a while you get over it and you do it yourself. You pull out anything that ends in ‘ly’ and you clean up the story so the editor has little left to do. But you always leave something in, just so they feel like they did something. Sometimes they do nothing…

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