Is this Your Big, Beautiful Cat?

Gus. I think he misses his family.

A few weeks ago, I busted a handsome, big, bushy-tailed cat eating our cats’ food in the garage where we have an enclosed food hutch. It’s designed to keep out birds and dumb feral cats. It’s for our own cats. That garage is their real estate.

Gus is bigger than Comet. Comet, who generally doesn’t get into it with other cats, is none too pleased about this big cat perched on the table.

Unfortunately, some feral cats in the know consider the hutch their personal speak easy on the kitty cat map of Hawaii Kai. However, I get the feeling that this cat, who has parked his fuzzy butt in our garage, isn’t feral. In fact, this cat is quite tame. He keeps trying to get in the house and he gives me this look like, “WTPho? I’m an OK guy!” as I quickly close the door at his nose.

Gus hangs out on the big bag of cat food.

He IS an OK guy! But he’s big and intimidating. Unlike other interlopers, marauding feline ne’er do wells who stop by to terrorize our two family cats and eat their food, he seems to want to stay and be friends. He’s got a funny way of showing it. When Kitty Girl had the food hutch to herself last night, she looked up at him, gave him a witchin’ hiss, and he turned around and chased Comet into the backyard. Now maybe this is how cats process their community. I’m sure they think I’m an ass when I say, “NO!” “Be NICE!” “BE FRIENDS!”

Comet peers around the big flower pot at Gus.

When I first busted Gus, which is what I decided to call this big cat, he ran next door and under Bev’s SUV. On the second morning, I went over there and said a couple of things. The cat came right out, started talking to me, and I realized this was a tame cat, a people cat, and this cat belongs to somebody. But who? No one has listed him on Craigslist. I sent a photo to the Hawaiian Humane Society, but they didn’t respond. I plan to take him there or to a vet to get him scanned to see if he is microchipped. That should help.

This cat is sweet. But last night when he chased my furson Comet, who looks little compared to him, I was kinda pissed about that. I mean, who beats up the host when you’re sleeping in the man space out in the garage? Bad manners. Kitty Girl is pretty miffed about the whole thing, too. She’s been across the street in a neighbor’s shrubs. Such a cranky girl.

There’s this white spot on Gus’s left side.

I’ll keep you posted about Gus. I hope we can find his family. If not, I want to put him up for adoption, especially if Comet and Kitty Girl keep getting bullied by him. Ask around. Anyone lose a gorgeous cat?

He’s really just a puddy cat!











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