IRL is always the best

I got to visit with my friend Lorna this morning at Keeaumoku Starbucks for what is probably the first time in a dozen years! She used to work at The Advertiser and is now at the Chicago Tribune. She’s home to help her mom who just underwent knee surgery at Queen’s.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, Lorna and I stay in touch regularly. I know what wine she’s drinking with her hilarious husband, Vince, on any given weekend. I sometimes know what stories her reporters are working on! 

But this morning it was in real life, IRL. Seems that when you continue your relationships in a virtual world, when you finally do run into each other, you try to give the IRL moments some more meaning. I gave her a hug that I hope made up for 12 years of absence. I could go another 12 years without seeing her and it would be alright.

We know where to find each other.

Author: lavagal

Hawaii Kai wife and mom. Melanoma Stage 3a Cancer is my new opponent. Writer, super sub teacher, triathlete, awesome cook, ocean girl with head-to-toe sun protection.

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