Peddling our okoles up the Pass called Kolekole

Thanks to my husband I’ve become a bicycling enthusiast. I now mirror his admiration of Lance Armstrong and his addiction to the annual Tour de France. He commutes on his bicycle from work evenings and still recalls fondly his banana-seat Schwinn Stingray from which he delivered newspapers in Hawaii Kai.

A few months ago my husband John decided he wanted to ride in the Honolulu Century Ride, with me. All 100 miles of it. Just as he did when he wanted us to start a family, he had to present his case to win me over. It wasn’t that hard of a sell. Years ago I had commuted on my bicycle to University of Hawaii Manoa from our downtown condo, and I got pretty confident about urban bicycling.

Recently, he had built me a bike. It collected dust. I’d reluctantly get on it once in a while to do my time, but I thought it was so boring. I would rather rise at 330 a.m. to work out on the elliptical at 24 Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai than ride a bike on a trainer at the end of the day. I was too tired.

To be sure I’d be ready for the century, he encouraged me to Continue reading “Peddling our okoles up the Pass called Kolekole”