Out sick

Workout day 47, @postaday 28 #postaday2011

For the record, I’m out sick. Funny how the photo from yesterday’s workout, which never uploaded properly, actually made it to Facebook while I was sleeping. It would have been too early for me, and, to anyone who is paying attention, it would have been a duplicate photo. But who’s paying attention?

Today’s workout involves getting up and out of bed several times through the night, exercising my lungs with tremendous expulsions (yes, gross), blowing my nose, and trying to stay hydrated. Yoga stretches, when possible. I must have the flu. My body hurts, my skin hurts and is hot. I’m loaded with phlegm. I’m wiped out.

When I tried to send an email to work this morning, I was getting things all mixed up. So let’s add delirium to the mix.

However, I’ve been given a lot to think about for future blog posts today. Stay tuned.

I miss everyone.