Megamind is Mega Mine.

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Megamind: “Here’s my day so far: went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good. Still, things could be a lot worse. Oh, that’s right… I’m falling to my death. Guess they can’t. How did it all come to this? Well, my end starts at the beginning… The very beginning!

And thus begins my favorite movie these days. Too bad you cannot hear the soundtrack, because that’s a big part of my love for this amazing movie. When it first came out I really wasn’t all that intrigued, but since we’ve owned it for a few months, it has really grown on me. ALL OPPOSABLE THUMBS UP!

Because we have little girls who aren’t so little any more, we have quite an extensive library of Pixar movies, DreamWorks flicks, the Harry Potter collection as it’s been released so far, and a smattering of other children-targeted movies like “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Nanny McPhee,” and “Monsters vs. Aliens.” For weeks now we’ve had “The Social Network” from NetFlix sitting on the BluRay player because it’s not what we’d call kid friendly. I am almost through watching the first season of “Glee” on my laptop because we soon realized that high schoolers singing and dancing isn’t exactly the bubblegum “High School Musical ” we expected. About that little franchise? Loved it. Still love it. My kids won’t be caught dead watching it, but there was a time when they loved it, too.

Probably the main reason “Megamind” is my current favorite to have playing in the background while I’m making dinner is its big-hair-rock-n-roller soundtrack. But I love, luv, LUV the main character, Megamind, as played by Will Ferrell. Do-gooder Metro Man is played by Brad Pitt, and Tina Fey is cast as news reporter Roxanne Ritchie, the female lead. Could I gush anymore? What I can’t figure out is how I’ve not yet seen the EXTRA STUFF menu pop up on the screen after we watch it. Usually we are always fascinated with watching the-making-of segment, how the story boards were initially thought out and created, how some were discarded, and how story lines were dropped. Ask me anything about the “Toy Story” movies, or “Mr. Incredible.” And at any given moment John and I’ve been known to spout out a movie line from one of these shows. The girls get the point. You know what? I’m going to insist that I get to see the making of “Megamind” before too long.

Below, thanks to, is the list of music used in the show. They’re a lot of fun as linked to the movie. But you know what? I don’t think a single one is on my iPod. Well, maybe George Thorogood.

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