You need this: Gourmet coffee calorie counter

Oh for the luv of…
As a Weight Watchers devotee, and yes, I agree, I do have to do something about this soft, jiggly center of mine (I’m told that’s where my core is) (I scoff), I’m always on the lookout for something else to tell me that what I enjoy is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Like this coffee calorie counter provided today by Guy Kawasaki‘s Alltop site.
Plug in the truth via drop-down menus:
1. Store
2. Beverage
3. Size
4. Milk choice
Then the wizard tells you the damage: calories per drink and how many it will take you to gain 10 pounds and how fat you’ll get after a year of them.
No it doesn’t say anything about how to counter the calories, such as “Ride a bike to hell and back,” or “Swim to the Outer Banks and back,” or “Run until you faint.”
That would really help. Maybe someone else can come up with that. Sure, steal my idea. Make a million at 99-cents a pop.