August 21 ride with John lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details

Untitled by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details.

Some rides are better than others. Late start. John got a flat by Kamilioiki School. I got discouraged. We came home, reloaded the tire-fixing supplies and hit the road again, this time to Kapiolani Park. The second ride was much smoother, without event, although I was nearly grazed by an idiot on a moped in the bike lane and an old lady who seems to think said bike lane is actually where half her car belonged. Although  she was crawling, she was too fast for me to punch her trunk. Nah. I only did it in my mind. Wind was a biotch.

Then three dudes passed us on Kalanianaole Highway. Two in safety yellow. One all dolled up in Italian duds, little bicycle hat, and covered with tats. All of a sudden, I was riding alone as John joined the mini peloton. He said they had nothing. Hah! He ALWAYS says I’M competitive. Sure I am. I OWN IT. He should, too. Buahahahahaaaa! Later he said pretty boy smelled like patchouli. Cringe!

I hope tomorrow is a better ride. I’ll ride alone, like the Calnago cyclist.