Signs of something amazing

Nothing is any good when my weariness wreaks havoc with my perceptions. Right now, I’m feeling quite spent as a mom, having had to do some things tonight that I’d rather pretend never need doing. I’m frustrated with some things, there is too much to juggle, and I let it all overwhelm and frighten me.

The only remedy is a good night’s sleep. I shouldn’t blog at night either. Too much darkness. Even though I don’t mind the loneliness, it’s actually too lonely, too.

In the morning I look eastward and thrill at the sight of Venus in her shining brightness, suspended beside a smiling sliver of a moon. Such a celestial sighting fills me with hope and anticipation of something amazing. I cannot help but feel as though it’s just about to happen, that it’s my turn, and not just for something small, but for something big.

Does everyone feel that way about life? Or is it just me and my silken strands of hope?