Poem #10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

Sophie shooting in Waimanalo at dawn.
Sophie shooting in Waimanalo at dawn.

Generational Shift
By Paula Bender

I count her fingers, I count her toes,
I smell her cheeks, I kiss her nose.
My heart swelled when we first met.
Becoming a mother took away my breath.
As my daughter grows and becomes her own person,
I must deny the urge to provide diversion.
For I wish to stall her growing independence,
Because I am desperately clinging to being a parent.
It isn’t fair to hold a child back from life.
It isn’t fair to prevent them from experiencing strife.
But is it fair that a mother’s love should be so frail?
That motherhood subsides and the need for her pales?
My hope is that when she is out on her own,
Our bond forges deeper, our love has grown.

Poem #10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe. #writing201