Tell the story, don’t be the story

For some reason this entry got a few hits today. It doesn’t hurt to read something nearly three years old. Cool.


One of those first Journalism 101 lessons we are taught is to be an observer, someone who objectively writes a story, presenting opposing sides without injecting themselves or their opinions.

For a self-absorbed newbie, it is very hard to do. So often they say they want to write features and columns, not the obituaries or the stories about neighborhood board meetings. My guess is that now blogging helps satisfy the id.

As I was riding the other morning, I had time to think about how I’m always the writer. I cover a story, I insert myself into a situation, I’m in a bubble that allows me to drop in, gather the information I need, and float out with a few good-byes, thank-yous, mahalos, and the reassurance that I can contact my sources should any questions arise.

Because I’m no longer writing for newspapers, I have some liberty in what I…

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