Packing it all in.

Today I’m packing (doing laundry) my bag for Honu 70.3. I’m off to the Big Island for the first half Ironman of my life. Imagine! You can still have a first this or a first that at 54 years old. I never thought when I was 20, 30, or 40, that at over 50 I’d try to do triathlons. Everyone who grew up with me knows that I love to swim and ride bike, and I’ll run if I have to, so that was part of the reasoning to become an age grouper triathlete. I am no threat. No one watches my training stats or looks at my result records to see what kind of competition I might be. I assure you, I’m usually at the back of the pack. But part of that is taking in the scenery and not having the pressure of needing to keep sponsors happy. Well, I do have one sponsor, and he’s pretty happy.

Last night was the TryFitness Honu 70.3 last workout. We swam (I did 1.01 miles at 37 minutes or so), and then the rest of the gals did some sprints while I nursed my two leg injuries. I’m saving myself for my virginal half tri and will run great guns Saturday morning.

My coach KC Carlberg asked me what my mantra for the race. I drew a blank. Yvette, who completed it last year, said hers was, “My race, my pace.” So that’s a good one. It’s all about positives and I’ll need plenty!

I am staying in a condo with three of my teammates pretty close to all the action. We’re hosting the carbo loading dinner Thursday evening, and will be attending all the pre-race events — required and desired — to store in our noggins every little thing we need to know. And of course there will be the Ironman store, the bike tech shop (I might need help with my pedals!), and the Costco run for the condo.

If I cross your mind on Saturday, please send your encouraging thoughts my way. I am about to realize a dream, I’m amazed that I get to do this, and I hope my swim and bike are fast enough that I’ve enough in the bank to complete the 13.1 mile run in time.