The best restaurant in East Oahu

I don’t even have to tell you the name. Everyone knows which restaurant in East Oahu is the best.

Not that other restaurants out here aren’t wonderful. There are. Most are more in line with family budgets tightened in response to economic restraints. East Oahu has great barbecue places, breakfast joints, burger and burrito spots. When we’re in a hurry, there’s something to grab. When we’re in the mood for something specific, there’s everything but Indian out here. But when it comes to super special, we go to Roy’s in Hawaii Kai.

Paula with dessert at Roy'sRoy’s Happy Anniversary dessert

Maybe we should reconsider that Roy’s is only for special occasions. We’re guilty of saving Roy’s for the best of times, but, my husband I have been thinking that if we were to go and dine at the bar on the incredible ribs and sushi, we could walk away not too full and with little damage to our family budget.  Continue reading “The best restaurant in East Oahu”