Personal Space

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John and the girls are busy at home rearranging our lives. For the last 10 years, Kid1 & Kid2 have shared a bedroom, the same bedroom two of John’s four sisters shared when they were little girls. After successfully lobbying for her own room, and working hard at school to improve her grades, we decided it would be fine to give Kid2 her own room. Besides, it was also going to benefit Kid1, she who has always gotten good grades.

Kid1&2 at the threshold of Kid2's new room. Excitement is in the air.

Until now, the girls’ desks and computers (AND RELATED MESSES) were in the room with The Chair of Immobility. Most times I could count on them having some kind of conflict just as I was drifting off to nap. Now their desks and computers are being moved into their respective rooms. See how this is benefiting me, too? John is going to move his recliner into that room, too, so there will be his-and-hers chairs where we can veg together.

Win and lose. Despite their excitement — and believe me, it’s like Xmas Eve here tonight with the way the girls are acting — our concern is that the girls will retreat to their rooms daily, to their personal spaces, to their Internet places, and not spend much time with each other or with us. We don’t come home and watch TV as a family because we don’t get cable. We do watch dvd and streaming shows and movies together, but it’s not the centerpiece of our lives. Yes, we’re a family more linked by URLs more often than not.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens here. I might like the quiet, most of the time. The girls might appreciate each other a little more, too. You can bet you’ll never hear, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” at our house. Instead it will be an order to scrub the tub or wash the dishes or take out the recyclables.

All is not lost, though. There’s still room for drama. It’s called The Bathroom.

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Hawaii Kai wife and mom. Melanoma Stage 3a Cancer survivor. English Language Arts teacher, English Learners Coordinator, and Paraprofessional Tutor. Super sub teacher. Dormant triathlete. Road cyclist and Masters swimmer. Gardener. Mrs. Fixit. Random dancer. Music Curator. A teenager trapped in an aging body. Did you know 60 is the new 40? It is.

One thought on “Personal Space”

  1. I had to share a room with my older sister until she left home for college. Boy, do i remember the day it turned into my own room. They should be little angels for a couple days, at least, in return 🙂

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