Waiting for the Right Fit

Relax. Enjoy this time off. How many times have I heard those words in the past few months? It has been amazing being off for the summer with the kids. I completed my first Ironman 70.3 on the Big Island. I have time to train for my next triathlon. I relax working in my garden right in my own yard. I do more home cooking than buying fast food. I sleep in. I sleep well. I am grateful. And the added bonus of getting to write at my out-door office next to the garden while enjoying the Hawaiian trade winds? Priceless.

But sometimes I get a little edgy, a little worried and a little freaked out. It makes it impossible to truly relax. Thank goodness for my triathlon training. I would probably be bonkers without it.

I have been given valuable advice in my search for the next great thing: Don’t settle. Find something enjoyable. Find an organization that appreciates your skills and perspective. Don’t underestimate your abilities and skills. Realize how unique and special you are.

As I enjoy this Independence Day and look forward to the fireworks over Maunalua Bay this evening, I give thanks to the radical liberals who stuck out their necks for the future of this great nation. I am always, always, ALWAYS in awe of our Founding Fathers and the foresight in which they created our Constitution. Human rights, freedom from oppression, and the checks and balances of our government keeps our nation somewhat balanced. I am so very grateful for my friends on FB who agree to pleasantly disagree with me politically and are so generous with their virtual hugs.

America: Love it, protect it, and be grateful. Where else would we fit? Peace!

Way Too Much Fun

Sun, clouds, sea, Ka Iwi.

Morning sun, clouds, sea, Ka Iwi.

I will admit that taking the girls to school in the morning with John, followed by a cruise around the Ka Iwi Coast to watch whales and to enjoy each other’s company, is a lot of fun. Going to bed each evening without dreading going to work in the morning is a real switch for me. For the first week after leaving HMSA I continued to wake at 420. But now I don’t. I wake up refreshed and relaxed. We have cappuccinos and conversations.

I am a writer in the wild and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I took a drive to Koolau Farmers in Kailua yesterday to get some BT to battle the worms that are eating my gorgeous kale and other vegetables and herbs in my garden. Beside me is a tomato I picked the other day, waiting to be put in a tomato sandwich for lunch. I swept the floors, we’re getting bicycle gear ready for tomorrow’s Bike Swap in Kapahulu, and I’ve been a good girl watching my nutrition as I train and close in on the Honu half-iron 70.3 on June 1.

This week I met with a friend about some writing projects and I had an interview with a company that is so close to the beach lunch-time laps to the Kaimana windsock would become a daily indulgence. Who knows? All I know is that there are people in this town who put value in the way I shape the alphabet into words and phrases that connect and motivate readers into action. It’s kind of fun to write about something that’s fascinating to me and therefore so important to share. It’s important to me that people connect with my writing and are inspired to ride a bike, relax on the beach, plant a garden, knock out a wall, or buy a house. I love it when my blog or my articles are shared. Thanks for that.

I must find a way to make this bliss last forever. The first step is the joy that comes from living simply and simply living.

A Daily Top 10 List of Gratitude

Happy Valentine’s Day, Luvs! Each morning I’m to write down 10 things I’m grateful for as part of my personal self-improvement program to adjust my outlook on life. I’m to say thank you for each of them three times. It’s supposed to set the tone for my day. Wake with gratitude, appreciate what you have, and keep that attitude going throughout the day. I won’t always post it here, but today I feel like it. Plus, well, you know, it’s my blog. I’ve read The Secret, so that’s what this is all about.

By Kid2: A mountain, a feather, a heart in an ocean, which is in a bigger ocean. Luv it!

By Kid2: A mountain, a feather, a heart in an ocean, which is in a bigger ocean. Luv it!

I do not wake up grateful every day. I do not go to bed thankful for all that happened throughout my day. Some days I feel like driving straight through the guard rail between Hanauma Bay and Lanai Lookout instead of taking that awesome curve with finesse. But you know what? I take the curve, and I do love driving along there. I love seeing the ocean, the deep blue sea kissing the light blue sky with Molokai, Maui, and sometimes Lanai in sight. I have a lot to live for, three people who endlessly love me, and many friends with whom I wish to discover more about. I also have a lot to give. A lot to give.

Today, February 14, 2013: Thank you times 30.

  • I’m grateful the best guy ever realized we were supposed to be a team, and gave me a huge bouquet of roses, popped open the bubbly, made Salad Niçoise ala Julia Child, and got down on one knee to propose way back in 1991. He could have handed me an Almond Joy.
  • I’m grateful I have two beautiful and brilliant daughters. What a hard road it was to become a mom.
  • I’m grateful for my home, garden, and kitties. It is the place where I can fully relax.
  • I’m grateful for this job. I love to write, I enjoy my colleagues, I struggle with some aspects, but I have the support of my management who are helping me obtain my goals.
  • I’m grateful for my health and the sense to realize that working out should be fun and enjoyed.
  • I’m grateful for my friends with whom I work and work out. I’m grateful for my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Some are old from small-kid time days, and others are new, many of whom I’ve never met. It is always, always, always a joy to connect with them (you!).
  • I’m grateful for the Internet and my iPhone with a camera that lets me capture moments to share with the universe. I love that I can frame something beautifully within a few bytes.
  • I’m grateful for my bicycles because every time I get on one (almost daily now that one is set up on a trainer at home), my body and mind are transported to that girl who rode her Schwinn Varsity 10-speed everywhere, all over Burlington County, New Jersey, exploring back roads and always returning home safely.
  • I’m grateful for the tough moments that mark my day and my life because of the introspection and growth they generate within. The life’s lessons shape us.
  • I’m grateful for having realized at this half-way point of my life that it’s important to be quiet, to hold back when I feel the need to shield someone, to instead write the things I have learned and hope that my words seep into hearts unknown forever.

Do You Love Your Job? Does it Love You Back?


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#postaday (it’s just a hashtag). My colleague and carpool mate Carrie-Anne asked me a question the other afternoon as we were departing The Mothership: Something like, “What kind of job would you have if you could do something you love?” … Continue reading