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Mahalo, whoever you are, you wonderful soul who checked my site as visitor number 50,000 today. got lots of hits today. It might get to 100 before I sign off. I’m grateful, even if it might be mostly paranoid … Continue reading

The Irony is not Lost.


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#postaday. It’s quite possible, in fact, if all goes as planned, 2012 could be the year when I become what I’ve always wanted to be: amazingly fit, happy with myself, and easy on others, thanks to my departure from the … Continue reading

The Thunk.


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@postaday 349; #postaday2011. I really have a lot going on lately! Tonight I did my #5kin100days week 11 workout 2, which was a 15-minute warm-up walk followed by four 8-minute runs with a 1-minute break between them. Then there’s a … Continue reading

Together, Apart.


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@postaday 345; #postaday2011. The next person who asks me what’s for dinner, better be kidding. We went west to TarJay today, And didn’t spend as much as we have before. Kid1 had a gift card from forever ago so we … Continue reading

A Grimace or a Smile?


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@postaday 336; #postaday2011. My husband and I get in touch with each other over Twitter, Facebook, text msgs and email. Sometimes we even talk on the phone! We work different shifts. We’re not sitting within a few feet of each … Continue reading

Lucky we live Hawaii.

Sunset over Hawaii Kai #1 August 10, 2011.

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On Facebook, I’ve been included in two “You know you’re from…” tangents because I spent my first 11 years of life in Riverside, N. J., and then we moved across the highway to Delran. I lived there until I escaped at 18.

Because believe me, I needed to escape. It wasn’t so much the area or the people, but it was the turmoil at home. Even now when I go back, someone always wants to have a knock-down-drag-out about some stupid-ass wrongly perceived slight that happened 38 years ago. I do not care to be forced to dig into the corners of my mind on a memory scavenger hunt to find something that might look like someone else’s. It could never be. The memories are painted differently by each of us. Yours don’t equal mine.

Jellyfish Clouds over East Oahu. 8/10/11

There were some Riverside memories that I recalled, but now the list is populated mostly by people who were born after I left. My memories don’t match theirs. I’m mulling slipping out the back door of the row house I lived in on Rush Street, its screen always getting pushed out of the window by we three littles going in and out. It banged hard every time. The Delran memories string began yesterday, and I’ve yet to participate. I spent less time there than I did in Riverside. These were my teen  years, a time I truly don’t like to look back on, and I was only there for six years. I might just observe. Why go there?

Moonrise into Pink Sky. August 10, 2011.

It’s funny, because when these groups started, I thought I might be included in the Hawaii Kai one. That, too, doesn’t really apply. It’s for my husband John and now it’s for my girls.

I’m lucky I live in Hawaii, and I’ve been here 30 years now. But I feel more like a citizen of something even bigger. Every time I look up, I feel as though there is a message being sent to me, and that there’s always a message I need to send out.

And here we are. Look forward and live for the future.


A date, a few rescues, a storm, a South Shore swell, and a ride.

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New header photo, new blog theme. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find a theme within the @WordPress arsenal that would accommodate the full sun salutation, the South Shore sunset, the atmospheric drama, the ocean, and my iPhone with its camera lens open. I’m probably going to fiddle with it a little more. I also am having some difficulties loading my link to Facebook, which seems to be bouncing this update and my photos. There are always work arounds, but, I want things to work the way they should.

Last night's sunset inspired me to stretch heavenward, iPhone in hand, in gratitude of such a glorious display.

Yesterday was like a day-long date with John. Charlotte went on a play date and sleep over, Sophie is at UH-Manoa for HISTAR camp. So what did we do? Heh. Well, we shopped, had lunch out, and then went on a photo safari, taking loads of photos of the dramatic weather. It was a lot of fun. The sky kept changing, so dynamic! In the early evening I had seen tweets about stormy conditions all over Oahu. We live in South East Oahu, and we seemed to be last in the thunder and lightning express. What an amazing storm. We were lucky and didn’t lose any power. The lightning and thunder are generally rare events in Hawaii, but this winter, and here we are in June, has seen several similar weather events. We enjoy it, as long as no one loses their homes, boulders or mudslides don’t crash into people’s homes, people don’t get swept away, sewage systems don’t back up. All this does happen. We do have our share of weather-related tragedies in Hawaii. Among others.

Last night we talked with Sophie on the phone, and we decided to bring her a book of her choice (Harry Potter 7), and a couple of other things that would ease her stay at UH. How nice it was to visit with her, give her a hug and see that she was getting a handle on being on her own. Wow. What a lesson for an 11 year old.

John and Charlotte with Sophie at UH-Manoa this morning.

Also last night Charlotte was on a play-date-turned-sleepover at her friend Ari’s. When I woke up this morning at 6:20, I had seen that she had sent me a text:

June 5, 2011 4:40 a.m.
Did not get any sleep. I wanna come home and try to sleep. :(

Ask me if my heart didn’t sink. I responded, but it was nearly two hours later.

June 5, 2011 6:20 a.m.
20 mins? Pack up, say good-bye, or leave a note; be outside. I’m getting ready.

I guess you could say we did some rescuing of our girls this morning. I can’t disagree, but I won’t apologize. In these instances, when it’s possible our actions result in not only helping our daughters be more comfortable, but in making things easier for their hosts, too, then I’m there. I brought Charlotte home, had her take a refreshing shower, and then we went to see Sophie. When we got back home, Charlotte crashed, John prepped my bicycle and I went for a little 25-mile ride. Yes, so many thoughts, but it was exhilarating to be in the Oahu sunshine, riding my regular short route, with a few extra mini hills thrown in at the end for good measure. Today’s late start at 9:40 a.m. could not be helped.

South Shore surf was swell and glassy at Diamond Head today!

The waves at Diamond Head were fabulous. The kona winds were buffeting against the cliffs, resulting in big, glassy faces from Lighthouse to Browns. There was a pretty good crowd out, but when some of the bigger waves swept through, not that many surfers were going for it. Actually, what I liked about surfing Diamond Head, something I used to do every day many years ago, is that it is so spread out, with lots of room for lots of surfers, and rarely do the surfers who are SOMEBODYs paddle out. Once I start surfing again (how long have I been saying that?) I’ll probably stick to Seconds at Portlock. Close to home and kind of a pain in the ass to get out to. I hope to get out on my SUP, too, soon.

Today’s bicycle ride was generally relaxed. The scariest part was when I hit a ridge of soft stones in the asphalt on Poipu Drive when I was almost done. And when I got to the end of Nawiliwili to turn left onto Kalanianaole Highway, I had to back off trying to cross until this silver car went flying past me. Orifice.

The Scattante poses again. My red rascally ride!

My stats, courtesy Garmin Connect:

Time: 01:52:03
Distance: 25.65 mi
Elevation Gain: 515 ft
Calories: 535 C
Avg Temperature: 89.1 °F
Time: 01:52:03
Moving Time: 01:31:28
Elapsed Time: 01:52:03
Avg Speed: 13.7 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 16.8 mph
Max Speed: 31.4 mph