Big South Shore Waves

This is the last week before the quarter ends, so school teachers aren’t calling in sick and substitute teachers like me are not getting called to work. What a gorgeous day to be outside! Hot. Hot. Hot. But beautiful. There is nothing like living in Hawaii. Nothing.

After we drove along the Ka Iwi Coast taking in the sights, and getting a video via Instagram, we came back home for a cold lunch. Cold wheat linguine for me dressed in sesame oil, shoyu, sesame seeds and green onions; target-rich tossed salad for him. Naps.

I was craving an ocean fix so bad. I couldn’t go out at Sandy Beach because it was too big. My hair was a big ball of fuzz, and the best remedy for that is an ocean swim. I decided to go for a swim at Kaimana Beach in Waikiki before I had to pick up Kid2 at school. Hot. Hot. Hot. Parking was easy at 1:30 p.m. In fact, if you run the Honolulu Marathon, there were like ZERO cars parked along the finish. The waves are too big on the South Shore for most surfers and definitely not a swim to the windsock kind of day.

The clown goggles. Seriously, these TYR goggles are polarized, so great for a sunshiny day. One earplug for my right ear. This year's WRS cap.

The clown goggles. Seriously, these TYR goggles are polarized, so great for a sunshiny day. One earplug for my right ear. This year’s WRS cap.

Put on my fins, my Roughwater Swim cap, and my clown goggles and headed out toward the windsock. The waves were deliciously rambunctious. I love swimming up and down and under and over, swishing around loving the sea foam, diving under to check out the fishies. But I wasn’t confident to swim all the way out to the wind sock. Waves were breaking big outside — they looked easily to be 6-8 feet. The wind sock pole was always in a wave. And besides, no one else was out there. Not that I ever swim with a buddy, but when there are other swimmers, then we’re all buddies.

Nope. I noodled around inside on my back, on my side, under and over, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, a few butterfly kicks and under again. A half hour to myself. Instead of mom time or wife time or sub teacher time or maid time, it was Me Time.

It was cool.

Me and MiniMe


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Do you ever wish you could step back in time and let your younger you in on a few things? I feel like I have that chance, sort of, with my Kid2, aka MiniMe. Yesterday, she and I had another … Continue reading

Swimming Zen.


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John is usually off Mondays, and when I got home last night his car wasn’t there. I got a text that he had taken Kid2 with him to run some errands. Kid1 was home convalescing. Bronchitis anyone? The classroom isn’t only an idea and dream incubator, it is also the great germ incubator.

I had to make a decision, and so I gave him a call and told him that I wanted to swim last night. The session was from 6:30-7:30, and it was more prep for ocean swimming. I knew he wouldn’t talk me out of it (he doesn’t talk me out of anything that remotely gets me in the direction of slender), but you know how it goes. You don’t just bail on family time. But I got the green light. Another thing John has learned is that workouts improve my outlook.

You know when  you’re running, or on the elliptical, or riding your bike or swimming,  and you’re moving along without pain, and you’re in this zone of nothingness and oneness and everything works correctly and  your heart and lungs and limbs and muscles and brain are busy doing their thing, and you’re possibly daydreaming, or, in my case, putting together a story? That place where you realize you’re part of the environment and cruising in the Zen?That place nearly like sleep? Unfortunately, I wake myself out of that with “OMG, I feel GREAT! This is fantastic!” And as i try desperately to hold onto that Zen, it becomes a greased rope and slips away. I’m learning to resist the excited and happy freak out and to relax into the swimming and riding, to retain that fleeting feeling.

Last night when we were in the pool, we’d get our orders to do 400 meters and I’d lose count and do 500. Then we’d be told to do two sets of 250 meters and I end up doing two sets of 300 meters. I couldn’t understand why I was the last to finish in my lane since I was the first to start and no one lapped me. One of the nice things about riding alone or doing my swims is that I’m not interested in keeping score. Your swimming style is different from mine. Your pace is, too. I can’t be bothered with matching anyone else stroke for stroke. And I think that is why I am achieving this floating zen, this connection with the water and the road, the emptying of my cares and worries.

Last night I could have done another thousand meters, but I knew I had to get home to the gang and to enjoy the dinner John had put together. When I got out of the van, wrapped in my damp towel, hair wet and body satisfied and tired, I could smell the fragrant chicken curry and brown jasmine rice. Life is no fairy tale. We had our share of strife last night because Kid1 is really cranky and under the weather, but life is what it is. You can put that love out there but the returns are never guaranteed.

There’s no point in being a vessel that holds tight to its cork, still and tight, dark and lonely.

Monday morning admiration

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I like Mondays. I like Fridays, too, but Monday is the day I can start a lot of things fresh. The desk is neat. The in basket is manageable. I get up and get out of the house without much trouble.

Part of the ease-into-Monday ease is the fact that I don’t get up for a morning workout at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai. I sleep in until 4:45 a.m. until 3:30 a.m. I get dressed, feed the cats, throw together lunch and get out the door, hopefully, before 5:55 a.m. Why? Because so many people leave on the hour or on the half hour. Smooth sailing through traffic into town today. Why? Because the University of Hawaii is on spring break. Today my girls went back to school after their spring break. Imagine if all spring breaks in Hawaii occurred simultaneously!

The best thing ever is checking the calendar and seeing no meetings scheduled for the day. Translation? Continue reading