What’s at the End of Your Rainbow?


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Volcano to Volcano

Grit and grime.

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Granted the volcanoes on Oahu are dormant, but I will own that I think it is very cool that I can wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, hop on my bicycle, and climb them before breakfast. Granted, they really aren’t killer climbs, but, the views are a gift. I’ve lived here 31 years and I’m still in awe at the beauty of this place, even though it’s the busiest Island in the chain.

Quietly I left the house about 6:30 and climbed Kamiloiki, which is the street on the backside of Koko Crater, my friendly neighborhood volcano, and then to Makapu’u Lookout, where I took some pictures. Then I went back toward town and got caught in a downpour as I turned away from Sandy Beach and to Kalama Valley. I made the climb up the back of Kamiloiki no problem, but I was pensive about the ride down in the rain. Fortunately, all went well. However, when I turned onto Hawaii Kai Drive by the post office, I skidded on oil and was able to recover out of the fast wobble. My heart stopped! I skidded on oil one more time during this morning’s ride. I recovered without falling, but those are scary!

Early morning at Makapu'u Lookout.

I guess I was early enough on Kalanianaole Highway because traffic was light. I chased some guy all the way to Kahala. It was fun because he kept looking back and then trying to hammer away from me, but he really couldn’t. I passed him on Kahala Avenue and said “Good morning!” He got me on the way to Triangle Park, but by then I was done playing with that mouse.

At Triangle Park, I encountered Den Nis and Tokein (sp?) from The Mothership, HMSA. They were running! I should have gotten their pic when they stopped to talk to me at my other volcanic destination, Diamond Head Lookout. It’s always fun to run into colleagues in hot pursuit of fitness. We always do a good-natured ribbing and attaboys and attagirls when we see each other!

Fleeting rainbow at the Kapahulu Groin in Waikiki.

I continued to Waikiki where I failed to capture a magnificent rainbow, then I proceeded up Monserrat Avenue, as part of my training for the Na Wahine, which is 9/11. Then I huffed it home through Kahala, back out Kalanianaole Highway, and I didn’t have to stop for any lights coming out of Portlock or into my ‘hood.

Overall a fine ride, despite the grit and grime of puddle jumping in the rain. If you don’t train in the rain, you could be in for some pain!

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My romantic ocean tale

Would you rather be like an ocean, waves lapping the shore every few seconds, currents traveling for thousands of miles, carrying invertebrates, krill, seabirds here and there? Within which dwells the dark and mysterious multi-tendrils of giant squid, pelagic hunters, playfully surfacing porpoises, bottom dwellers of starfish and crabs?

Would you tenderly skim the shores of others, build castles in their damp sand, chase the birds that dance with the wavelets, leave gifts of words like scattered shells above the tide line?

I would.

Sea walls, oil slicks, harbors, sunken ships, petroleum tires sunken in ocean graveyards, snarls of nets, flotsam and jetsam present themselves at the most inconvenient times. The nagging flaws and insecurities, the abundance of fat to skim, of words to reel in, of vulnerabilities that don’t quite fit within our skin.

Each morning the sun will glow across our ripples, our white caps, our dark and rolling currents that for miles will travel until they reach that which stops the wave train, an obstruction, a smile, an upside down rainbow on your face.

And I will sprinkle you with a sea mist of tears because of my happiness for finally having had the chance to be with you.


That’s just the way words spilled from me today.