Distant Journaling on a Bad Storm.


Start the month right. Give each day a little blog entry. Kiss October’s round and orange jack-o-lantern butt buh-bye. Its moon wanes, high, still a bit bright, and it hangs with Jupiter and Venus in the morning darkness when the … Continue reading

30 days hath November

And so I wrap up 30 days of blogging, an effort triggered by #NaBloPoMo, and because I have convinced myself I don’t have the attention span to write a novel ala #NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, which also takes place in November.

Never say never.

Sophie, aka Kid1, asked if I would continue to write my blog daily, adding that she likes reading it. Cuss words and all, I thought? Exactly what is she learning about me? I’m inclined to continue. As a writer, I enjoy the release it gives me each day. I actually think it’s a huge cop out to not write at all. So, yeah, there were some weak entries this past month, but I can’t always hit it out of the park.

I do get a lot out of it. I imagine that I’m reaching someone in ways I never can in person. I stammer when I talk. I fall when I walk. My hands shake because I’m so overwhelmed with the pain of trying to maintain friendships. Weird, huh? But here on my blog and on Facebook and on Twitter, I don’t think anyone could be cooler. Well, perhaps those of you with thousands of friends and followers. I’m small potatoes. My one liners and witticisms hit just a few targets, leaving snappy little red marks or shit-eating grins in cafes or cubes or corrals here and there around the globe. If I were in a room with everyone I follow or those who follow me on Twitter…oh gosh that’s so painful to think about. Honestly, I’d be frozen in fear. I have tried but I am so not the poised and-in-control chick at the front of the room. Let me give you my take on life from here, OK?

When you get to that place in life where you can admire the talents of others and be confident in your own, there’s really no better feeling. I think some people call it peace.


Catch you here tomorrow?



Wordless weekend?

Seems counter intuitive to me that the website NaBloPoMo doesn’t have a subject suggested for something to write about today. If I’m to blog every day for a month, weekends count. At least they do in my virtual world.

Because the well is dry, because the words aren’t flowing so easily today, I thought I’d take NaBloPoMo up on their offer of suggesting a topic to write about. I’d not use their topics before, but, because the well is dry…I took a look and they suggested a wordless weekend. I don’t think so.

So this is how the day went today:

Woke at 345 to take John to his running event, a half marathon. The guy did alright!

417 a.m. Headed over to the Kapahulu Safeway for seltzer water. I also got new potatoes, apple bananas, Granny Smith apples, and slicing tomatoes, 2-liter diet cola, 2-liter zero cola. I put a seltzer, and the two different bottles on the belt with everything else and tell the check-out clerk that I have eight seltzers (four for $5). I get home and I had seven. I think he kept the one he ran through eight times, because only the two colas were in a bag. I was a little bummed about that but it’s all of $1.25 and I can’t beat myself over that uncaffeinated moment.

445 a.m. I went home and went back to sleep for a few more hours and then went back to Kapiolani Park to find John.

830 a.m. After one spin around, I parked and saw him as soon as I started walking. It was a cheerful ride home and he was pointing out to me Honolulu Marathon Clinic participants as I drove home. I love it when he has a good run.

10 a.m. After making fried rice for breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen.

12 p.m. I started editing copy for work in my new Microsoft Office 2010 software. A few pages deep into it I saved the document, deciding to finish it tomorrow at work. I lost it. I have no idea but I did. Thankfully, when I go over the copy, I usually remember the edits I made. My publisher might not agree, but I’ll be sure that I do.

230 p.m. So after this stream-of-consciousness, socially unedifying entry, I will start dinner. There’s a special request for the short ribs again. When I get the meal in the oven,

4ish p.m. I’ll do some Spinervals on the bicycle trainer.

Part of our conversation was how I’ll probably be riding alone on the weekends until after the marathon. Maybe I’ll get to hook up and draft or take a pull with my some of my bicycle friends. My legs are missing the adventure, my mind the contemplation.

#NaNoWriMo or #NaBloPoMo?

Let me first applaud those of you ambitious, well-intentioned scribes dedicating themselves to the daily exercise that will conclude with 50,000 words woven into a novel for National Novel Writing Month, affectionately referred to as #NaNoWriMo on social media channels. Many of you will fall by the wayside. Some of you will repeat past performances and deliver the 50k words as expected. I fell by the wayside one year.

Maybe I’m a writer with a short attention span, so weaving my many written words into a novel would be a monumental task. I cannot even do it when I’m stuck at home for five weeks with an injury. Twitter was made for me. I haiku daily. Here’s this morning’s:

November arrives/

a wet Hawaii morning/

Bus wiper rhythms.

I write articles, I write blog entries, I write emails. I’d love to write novels. My husband thinks I can tell a tale that would have you grinning, guffawing, laughing, smiling, weeping, and hugging strangers. I’ve mastered the art of the loaded hello, the friendly hit-and-run, the elevator dash. Given the chance I’d do more.

So here’s my chance. Apparently today is also the beginning of National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo, and the idea is to write a blog entry today. This is today’s entry. I love to blog. I love it more when you read it! And writing it everyday?


Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?