My First Waikiki Roughwater Swim


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Labor Day weekend was full of pain for me, but it was also full of joy. The Ride: Joy. On Saturday I joined my TryFitness Hawaii Na Wahine Festival training group for our 2-3 hour workout. It was primarily a … Continue reading

Labor Day Ride: Tapering.

Taking a break at Diamond Head.

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Purposely, John and I took it easy for today’s ride. I always have great ambitions for three-day weekends, and often I end up only riding two of the three days. But this time, I got to ride every day so I’m very happy about that.

We slept in and didn’t get out of the house until 8:45 or so! The sun was brutal! The traffic was like any other weekend day, except there were lots of loud and motorized La-Z-Boy recliners on the road. When we dipped into the valleys, John and I talked about some things. I’m catching up to him on the TV series Mad Men, so we were talking about shaking out picnic blankets, throwing beer cans, failing marriages and how promiscuous people seemed to be in the ’60s. It forces me to look back on the behavior of my parents and their friends at that time. Hmmmm.

Look beneath the seat by the light on my seat post. See the person on the beach?

I’m now making brunch for John and me. Kid1 is finishing up her homework, Kid2 is creating a new run sequence on SCRATCH, and I predict a visit to the pool this afternoon. I just know that means I’ll do a few laps. I’ll probably limit myself to 500 meters. I’ve now got to taper my training, what little there is, so I’m fit and full of energy for next weekend.

Because everyone wants to know what news is going on in the world, our journalist friends and family members are working, covering Labor Day picnics, breaking news and editing wire stories. John is one of them. Let’s remember America’s journalists as those whose industry never takes a holiday.

Big ring, little ring. It’s no big deal!

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I was admiring myself in the mirror this morning, all sleek in my black Pear Izumi jersey and bike shorts, tie-dye arm sleeves, red Sidis and my pink helmet when John burst my bubble, like he always does, with a “You gotta work harder. You need to get back into that 6-day a week workout routine if you want any results.” I’m used to it. Rather than debate with him about my levels of trim and fitness, I agree. For the record, I’m not looking like a train wreck these days.

So after that convo, John informed me, as we were clicking into our pedals this morning, that we were gonna do some hills. This after my begging off for an easy ride to Triangle Park in Kahala once or twice. It wasn’t meant to be. John rides a whip and his words are whips, too. Believe me, he’s the nicest guy going. Riding to him is second nature. He doesn’t relate to my pain. If it isn’t the result of running, he’s pretty certain I’ll get over it.

I took the lead, as I often do, toward the back of our valley along Lunalilo Home Road and then up Kamiloiki Hill. I made it up to that second side street and I had to turn off. It’s about 80 percent up that hill. Many normal people take that side street as an opportunity to catch one’s breath. I’ve been able to pass it before, but this morning I couldn’t. I blame it on still recovering from last weekend. I was able to get some kick and I continued up the road, connecting with John who waited for me just past the crest. It took me to Kalanianaole Hwy before I was able to catch my breath again.

We proceeded to Makapu’u. That’s when I figured it out. I did Kamiloiki on my big ring. D’oh! No wonder it was killing me! But I did it! So let’s here it for reverse-psychology-mental-push-up opportunities to trick oneself into succeeding! And let’s just say I never want to hurt that much again.

How nice to have broken 60 miles today. That’s 100+ this Labor Day weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ll be feeling the pain during the Century on 9/26, but, at least I’m building on the physical and mental fitness.